Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sam and Laura's wedding

At the end of December, Matt's brother Sam got married. We surprised the girls on Christmas, telling them were taking a trip to Oregon to see everyone! They were so excited! So we packed up and headed out the door in a near blizzard. It was a white knuckle drive until the last hour or so, but once again Heavenly Father was watching over us and after MANY prayers we got there safe and sound. It was a fast, but fun trip and while getting ready for the wedding got to spend time with out Oregon family and add some more memories to our family journal. The girls had so much fun reuniting with cousins and even getting to meet new ones! Billie and Mandie were blessed with 3 wonderful kiddos this year through adoption. Welcome to the family sweet Lexi, Jojo and baby Joseph. The wedding turned out wonderful and when the time came, we gave hugs and goodbyes until next time. Sad to say bye to everyone. We made it home with perfect weather too!

Girl's Christmas dance recital

This was Addy and Emerie's 3rd year in dance and they are doing awesome and loving it! I love that our girl's love to do so many different things from dancing and singing, to soccer and playing in the dirt! They did a great job this year and can't wait for the next. True happiness to me is being able to watch my kids learn and grow and to see them becoming such fun little ladies!

Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving this year was at the cabin. Sadly, this is the only picture I took with my camera. It's a good one though:) We made 2 turkeys, and my dad was in charge of this one. He made the rub and put it on the rotisserie. It was delicious! I'm always thankful for my family, but this year, I'm thankful for good health, a warm home, WONDERFUL family and friends, the best husband, and 3 beautiful babies that the Lord saw fit to bless Matt and I with. I have been blessed with so much and have such so much gratitude for ALL of my blessings!

Halloween 2012

The girl's wanted to be super hero's this year, so Addy was Spidergirl and Emerie was Supergirl. It was such a fun couple of days. Am had a work halloween party, so we went with them and got to trick or treat at Thanksgiving Point.
They had their school program on halloween and since Maddy goes to the same school, we got to see hers too. Then we had friends over for dinner and went trick or treating around our neighborhood. I love being able to mix old traditions with new ones and make so many fun memories with my kids!

Cabin with friends October 2012

We took a few friends up to the cabin for the weekend. There was a crazy snow storm the day we were going up there and Matt and I ended up getting into an accident. There were so many things that happened that reaffirm my testimony that the Lord watches out for us. My parents were up there and saved us(they were a HUGE blessing) and they drove our broken car down the canyon and to their house. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!
Other than that, we were able to have a fun and relaxing weekend playing games, eating, making caramel apples and just having fun!

Halle's 1st Birthday

                                           Starting off her day rummaging for treats:)

 The banner(and yes, I misspelled my own child's name...The i was not supposed to be there.

                                                                  Her smash cake

                                                         Halle and her buddy Luke

                                                             Ready for cake!!!

 She did some good damage on this cake! Such a difference from the girls, who barely touched theirs.

October is a big month in our family. The girls turned 5 and Halle turned 1. She LOVES Minnie Mouse, so that was our theme. We had family and a few friends over for dinner and cake and ice cream. We had it at the clubhouse, so it was much less hectic. Love this little muggins! Happy Birthday Halle! I love you!!!